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Hey Philip, great job with the sound! I think this is the one of the few with sounds and it really adds a lot to the sense of speed! I did find a bug that appears to show the enemy dead when I hit it through the tree, but that's about it for bugs. Next time, I would suggest using the same pixel-esque UI, as the rounded edges feel a bit out of place here, but overall great job, loved playing it!

Hi Philip! This feels super great to play and really close to the original. The hellish sound the engine makes had me feeling very immersed! I like the way the 40 speeds feels, especially with how smooth yet responsive the left/right turning is. It makes it so you can dodge tons of trees in a really satisfying way. The one thing I’d say is that it seems like turning speeds up as you’re going faster which would be totally fine except that when you’re going slow, the turning doesn’t feel very responsive. Awesome job!

Nice clone Philip! The overall game feel is similar to the original and the way everything's randomly generated feels like it's handled well. The only nitpicky thing I have to say is that there's a visual bug where if the bullet collides with trees it'll show the destroyed sprite. I was confused at first and thought I hit an enemy but they weren't destroyed, but upon shooting more trees I realized what was really happening. It's ok though! I think your clone is really solid and that was the only bug I saw which I think is pretty great since there's a lot of random generation and enemy ai that has to be handled so great job!

Wow, this clone feels almost identical to the feel of the original game, so hats off to you for that. It definitely feels great to play. The only thing that I would say is that because of how many speeds you can accelerate throughout the game, it does feel like the ramp up time is a little slower that it feels like it should be, but I'm probably sure if you made that many speeds in the first place this feel is intentional.